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The Full Story About

Floss Family Dental

Floss Family Dental was opened in March of 2016 By Dr. Tammy Giannetta and is the family-friendly, go-to dental office. When she decided to open up her own practice, she wanted it to be a safe place for patients to get quality dental care in a family-like atmosphere. 


Floss Family Dental offers a wide range of professional dental services. We utilize cutting edge technology so we are able to diagnose and treat oral health more effectively and efficiently while offering a superior dental experience.

Our Mission

Our sole mission is to provide excellent patient care in a fun, relaxed environment in order to provide our families with the best and brightest smiles possible. 

 We believe that recommended treatments should consider the goals of the patient, as well as personal finances and long term care.

Our goal is to work with each patient.

We promise to work with you to find a treatment plan that fits your needs.
Our goal is to provide an exceptional dental experience.


Our Core Values

  1. Always Show Compassion to Patients & Eachother.

  2. Work as a Team to Pursue Growth & Knowledge

  3. Have Fun & be Positive

  4. Promote a Family like Environment

  5. Listen with Open Ears & an Open Heart

  6. Build a Strong Community Relationship

  7. Stay Humble & Be Kind

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